I want to increase the operation rate of machines

Automating coolant liquid replenishment and concentration management of machine tools! Zero daily process of adding processing fluid!!

(1) Purpose   When machining with a long machining time, the coolant becomes insufficient, and an alarm is issued and the machine stops. The task of adding to the patch became laborious, and it was a state where people had to get it. (2) Points of introduction Introduced Iwamoto Kogyo's "Raku~Ranto". ・ By connecting pipes from […]

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Greatly improved the drawing speed of STL data with many faces and ridgelines! Introducing examples of the use of reverse engineering by Camtus!!

(1) Purpose  When a mold for which no drawing exists was measured with a measuring instrument or digitized as STL data by a 3D scanner, the amount of information was large and it took a lot of time to read. In order to be able to read and manipulate such STL data at high speed, […]

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Yongsing Techno Co., Ltd.

Introduced sludge recovery equipment to improve the facility environment and quality. Purpose Challenges The bad odor of the coolant liquid of the machining center and sludge causing adverse effects on workpieces, machines, and tools. Points of introduction Anyone can operate it. Easy to operate. The machining center can be operated while working. Easy to maintain. […]

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