CSR Policy

Basic CSR Philosophy

Nikko Kizai Inc. respects the spirit of laws and industry agreements, etc., and strives to conduct beneficial business activities for all stakeholders. By doing so, we aim to gain higher trust from society and contribute to the development of a healthy society. In order to realize this basic philosophy, we have established our basic CSR policy as follows:

Basic CSR Policy

(1) Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company will properly understand and comply with laws, regulations, guidelines, etc. related to this project. In particular, we understand the Companies Act, the Companies Act, labor laws, tax laws, and other laws and regulations related to business, as well as the relevant business laws pertaining to products and services handled, and strive to be a company trusted by society by conducting business in accordance with these laws.

(2) Respect for personality and human rights

The Company respects the personality and human rights of each and every employee and does not discriminate unfairly based on gender, creed, physical condition, social status, etc.

(3) Respect for Intellectual Property

We respect the intellectual property rights of others, including copyrights. In particular, we do not make illegal copies of computer software or publications. When you download information on the Internet, you should also review the copyright terms in advance.

(4) Protection of privacy

Personal information owned by the Company shall be strictly managed and will not be used for any purpose other than its intended purpose. The purposes specified by the Company are as follows:

(5) Confidentiality

Keeping the secrets of your business partners is our most basic rule. Information obtained through transactions with business partners will not be leaked to others unless there is a justifiable reason, such as when consent is obtained or in accordance with laws and regulations.

(6) Prohibition of Harassment

The Company will strive to create an appropriate working environment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Labor Law. It is also prohibited to repeatedly say or act in a way that makes the workplace feel disgusted by the opposite sex, or that superiors or seniors rebuke subordinates or newcomers more than necessary.

  1. What do you need to do to deliver our ordered products?
  2. Providing information that is useful and necessary to customers, such as information on new products
  3. Exchange of inquiries, confirmations, and service improvements from the Company, which is necessary for the performance of business
  4. Various inquiries

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology with a server certificate issued by GeoTrust to encrypt communications when your information is sent. In addition, we will strive to act in respect of the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information so as not to infringe on the privacy of individuals.

(7) Improvement of the workplace

We strive to create a safe and comfortable work environment so that everyone who works can work with peace of mind and perform their work efficiently, and to realize the economic, mental, and time-richness of our employees.

(8) Interactions with local communities

As a good corporate citizen, we strive to contribute to society by deepening exchanges with local communities and participati
ng in local social activities.

(9) Anti-social forces

The Company will always take a resolute attitude toward antisocial forces such as organized crime groups, general meeting houses, and terrorist groups, and, in the case of the intervention of anti-social forces, etc., will implement appropriate measures in cooperation with relevant departments and police authorities. It is assumed that you will successfully enter into general transactions, but if you unintentionally have any relationship with such an organization or individual, we will report the fact promptly and receive appropriate instructions on what to do after the fact.

Environmental Policy

Recognizing that the protection of the global environment is an important issue common to all human beings, we will take into account the continuous improvement of the global environment and prevention of pollution in all aspects of our corporate activities, and aim to improve our position as a specialized trading company of production goods centered on machines and tools that are resistanced to the environment and energy.

Basic policy

  1. Through our daily sales activities, we strive to reduce environmental risks by working with suppliers and customers to sell "excellent environmental products" that reduce environmental impact.
  2. We will comply with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and agreed agreements.
  3. We will work to save energy, save resources, reduce waste, and promote efficient operations.
  4. In line with the spirit of this environmental policy, we will strive to enhance and continuously improve our environmental management system.
  5. This environmental policy will be disclosed to all employees, stakeholders, and outside the company.