In the manufacturing process of molds and parts, there are many cases where simply updating machine tools alone cannot be expected to improve efficiency and quality. In the Machine Tools Division, we not only improve the capacity of machine tools alone, but also make proposals from various perspectives, such as peripheral devices and software. In addition, for machine tools that serve as production facilities, it is also essential to respond to restoration in the event of a problem. We also respond flexibly to the enhancement of the after-sales follow-up system, layout changes according to business development, trade-in correspondence, and overhaul.

Proposal of new manufacturing equipment

At the processing site, it is necessary to achieve higher accuracy and shorter delivery times than ever before. In addition, there is a growing need to respond to processing of difficult-to-cut materials, which are said to be highly functional materials. In the Machine Tool Division, we propose optimal production facilities to meet customer requirements from among highly specialized and versatile machine tools.

Proposal of peripheral devices and software that make use of existing equipment

It is an effective means to utilize peripheral equipment and software to make the most of existing equipment. We propose effective improvement measures such as cleaning, surface treatment, processing programs, production management software, etc.

  • Peripherals

Suggestion for improvement of quality and technology

With the improvement of processing technology, post-processing measurement has become important. The importance of measuring machines is increasing amid the demand for numerical management of dimensional accuracy, roundness, parallelism, surface roughness, etc. Improved measurement leads to assurance of quality and improved processing technology. In addition, we are also proposing an on-board measuring machine that can measure the dimensions of the workpiece after machining on the processing machine and solve the problem of reproducibility. We will propose the optimal measuring machine according to your job.

  • Measuring instrument
  • Machine-based measuring machine

Responding to customer's urgent problems

We have built a network with manufacturers and repairers so that we can respond quickly to problems with machine tools that are used as production facilities. We also offer a wide range of layout changes due to changes in work, as well as proposals for used equipment tailored to your needs and purchase of equipment you own.

  • After-sales follow-up
  • Layout change/Take-in
  • Used machinery
  • Repairs/Overhauls

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