Yongsing Techno Co., Ltd.

Introduced sludge recovery equipment to improve the facility environment and quality.



The bad odor of the coolant liquid of the machining center and sludge causing adverse effects on workpieces, machines, and tools.

Points of introduction

  • Anyone can operate it.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The machining center can be operated while working.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Introduced the sludge recovery device ES-A
  • Borrow a demo machine and test it in-house for 1 week before introduction

Results of implementation (voice of the customer)

Sludge collection and cleaning are carried out in order to maintain the quality of coolant liquid and workpieces.
It has been very helpful and helpful.

Clean the sludge frequently for 10 minutes every week,
Dramatically improved in the coolant tank.

If sludge is left untreated, sludge will become sludge, and it will become food for bacteria,
It will be a source of bad odors, and there are other deterioration of the quality of the workpiece, impact on tool life,
It may also lead to a burden on the machine.
Therefore, I try to keep my awareness of cleaning high,
It is this sludge recovery device that realizes this.
(Higashi-Osaka Company A)