It is now possible to measure large workpieces that could not be measured so far! Introduction of a solution for observing large workpieces using a digital microscope

➀ Purpose

It was a customer who manufactured large molds (tire molding applications), and the finish of laser processing on the mold was checked with molded products. Since the sample work was large at about 2 m and could not be inspected with a general microscope or measuring instrument, it was checked with a cut sample as an alternative method, but there were differences from the actual product such as processing conditions, and inspection with the actual mold was desired.

(2) Points of introduction

- With the Hi-Rocks digital microscope, it is possible to design and manufacture a custom-made stand according to the contactable position, material, and dimensions of the sample work - It is possible

to observe without limitation of size using a custom-made stand "Portable stand" that is placed on the workpiece - It can
also be used for measurement applications in 2D / 3D - Electric control of the Z axis and Angle mechanism can also be added.

(3) Examples

By mounting the digital microscope on a custom-designed portable stand, it became possible to inspect the actual mold.
As a result, the conventional process of making cut samples has been reduced, and the inspection capability has been greatly improved by making it possible to inspect the actual product.

(4) Results (Testimonials)

I thought that there was no microscope or measuring instrument that could inspect the workpiece with a large workpiece, but I was able to do that.
In addition, the 2D/3D measurement function can also measure with high accuracy, which led to a significant improvement in the inspection process.

(5) Recommended for such customers.

It is recommended for customers who are in trouble if there is no microscope that can cope greatly with the measurement workpiece.
・Building materials (large structures such as houses and ships), concrete (related to infrastructure such as telephone poles and roads), pipes in operation (factories, plants, etc.), transfer rolls for large-format printing (printing-related),

automobiles, large processing machines, etc., trees (counting of tree rings,

・Sample work that cannot be contacted can also be designed with a large stand.

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