Mold-based roughing processing Achieved processing efficiency 2.8 times!!

➀ Purpose

Increased efficiency and cost reduction of mold-based roughing operations

(2) Points of introduction

The Φ16 high-feed cutter made by another company that had been used in the past was switched to the TD4N made by MOLDINO.
Shortened machining time by greatly increasing processing efficiency and cost reduction by improving the durability of inserts.

(3) Processing verification

Machining contents: Mold-based S55C coarse-processing
tool used: MOLDINO
body ... TD4N2016M-2&ASC16-8.5-160-95Z
Insert... ENMU0603ER-C-GX2140

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(4) Processing results

* Z notch volume (ap): 0.5 mm→0.6 mm (1.2 times) * Table feeding: 2,000 mm/min→ 4,700 mm/min (2.35 times) and succeeded
in improving processing conditions and cut layer emissions: 10 cc/min→ 28.20 cc/min (2.8 times).

The life of the insert, which was limited to 2 hours with conventional high-feed cutters made by other companies, is normal wear even after 2 hours of use with MOLDINO. The reduction of inserts used also led to cost reductions.