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Eishin Techno Co., Ltd.

Realized facility environment and quality improvement by introducing sludge collection device



The foul odor of the coolant in the machining center and sludge formation have an adverse effect on workpieces, machines, and tools.

Point of introduction

  • Anyone can operate it.
  • Easy to operate.
  • You can work while the machining center is moving.
  • Easy maintenance.

Introduction contents

  • Introduced sludge collection device ES-A
  • Borrow a demo machine and test it in-house for a week before installation

Customer’s Voice (Company A in Higashi-Osaka)

To recover and clean sludge, to maintain the quality of coolant solutions and workpieces,
It's very helpful.

Clean the sludge frequently for 10 minutes per week,
Dramatically improved in the coolant tank.

If the sludge is left unattended, it becomes sludge, and it becomes food of bacteria,
It becomes the source of the bad smell, and other deterioration of the quality of the workpiece, the influence on the tool life,
It may also lead to a burden on the machine.
Therefore, I make it possible to have a high awareness of cleaning,
It is this sludge recovery device that realizes it.

MOLDINO Tool Engineering, Ltd.

With the introduction of SUS mulch, monthly processing cost is reduced by 60%



We received a consultation that we would like to shorten the current 90-minute processing time when processing SUS304.

Point of introduction

We have proposed EPSM for SUS tools.

  1. Chatter suppression blade type unequal division shape
  2. Two-stage gash for smooth chip discharge
  3. Double eccentric improved chipping resistance and wear resistance
  4. Improved wear resistance with PN coating

Introduction contents

We have introduced the following contents using EPSM4120-PN.

Rotation speed n1,500, feed rate vf240, Z depth of cut 12 mm

  1. Chatter suppression blade type unequal division shape
  2. Two-stage gash for smooth chip discharge
  3. Double eccentric improved chipping resistance and wear resistance
  4. Improved wear resistance with PN coating

Customer’s Voice (Company B in Kyoto)

When I changed from an existing tool to MOLDINO SUS MULTI,
The ratio of processing costs has been lowered by 40%.

The tool fee was 4,000 yen per bottle.
The monthly processing cost will be reduced by about 280,000 yen.
I feel that I have contributed greatly to the increase in profits.

In the future, while making business ernations and improving work efficiency,
In order to bring about technological innovation, don't forget the spirit of challenge.
We would like to make every move to expand our business.

Machining improvement solution example MOLDINO

Cost reduction by 1/3 by shortening processing time by realizing all direct engraving processing


After roughing with an OSG carbide end mill, finishing was done by graphite discharge, but we received a consultation that we would like to realize all direct engraving.

Point of introduction

  • It is possible to shorten the total processing time
  • Processing cost can be reduced
  • It is possible to extend the life of the mold by direct engraving (electric discharge machining)

Introduction contents

Based on CAD3D data, MOLDINO has realized the following three uniquely.

  1. Select a tool
  2. Machining program creation
  3. CAM data creation

As a result, verification processing by MOLDINO was carried out, and the customer carried out actual processing under the same conditions.

Customer’s Voice (Company Y, Hyogo Prefecture)

Until then, the number of tools used was 60, but now it is 20.
We were able to consolidate it to about 1/3.
In addition, the durability time per tool was 2 hours.
It took 6 hours, and it was 3 times more durable than before.
In addition, the processing error is within the 0.01 mm range,
Reworking, which used to be done once or twice, is no longer necessary.
By realizing the direct carving process that was originally desired, electric discharge machining is eliminated.
It was achieved, and the burden of polishing work, which is the subsequent process, was greatly reduced.
Thank you very much for helping me.
Since the mold of the valve body that exceeds 20 m / m in height was an unknown area
I got a lot of confidence for future manufacturing.
In addition, the direct carved mold is three times more durable than the electric discharge machining finish.
Since we were able to prove it, we are pleased with the mold delivery destination.

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