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    n Date:

    I’m Kyoko Hosoki, Representative of Reno Partner
    s Co., Ltd., which operates supple l
    eader cram school.

    In the 2.0 Fact-finding Survey 2020, which started this mon
    th, we received more than 600 responses as of Today 8th.

    In this survey, which is conducted mainly by more than 80% of organizations
    in technical workplaces, especially male managers, the chara
    cteristics of each organization have already been clearly shown in th
    e answers, and I find it very interesting.

    ┏ the troubles that
    managers have
    in ┓ Corona Pass ┗┛

    Among the survey items of the 2.0 Fact-finding Survey 2020 for Promoting Women’s Particip
    ation and Participation in the Workplace, we asked, “Has the work style changed as a resu
    lt of the new coronavirus infection?”

    When I asked more questions to managers with subordinates who answered
    that their work style had changed,

    “It’s hard to communicate with my subordinates.”

    I am worried that there is a tendency that there are a lot o
    f people who answer. This is not only for managerial position
    s, but also for those involved in human resource deve
    lopment, such as personnel personnel, who feel the same challenges.

    However, I think this situation will continue for the time being, a
    nd contingenseenies other than corona will not necessarily happen in the future.

    In order to continue to explore ways to communicate well, it seems
    to convey the hardships of management and people involved in human
    resource development who are making efforts to face the field.

    ┏ does not change the ┓-ax
    is, but changes
    the way of doing things ┗┛

    Even if the way of working changes in The Corona, there are m
    anagers who communicate well and produce results,
    and I think that the organization with such managers is steadily growing.

    Now, when I look at what is different from managers who
    have a sense of challenge, I am involved in the organization as
    a diversity management consultant and my own experience in corporate management.

    “I didn’t change my axis, I changed my way of doing things.”

    I feel that managers who have been able to switch are able to ma
    nage without being influenced by the surrounding environment.

    Specifically, how can we always communicate politely w
    ith each and every one of us to achieve our goals? w
    hether or not they are always trying to find n
    ew ways to do things.

    However, it seems to be the current situation that it
    is highlighted from the fact-finding that it d
    oes not lead to the result easily even though it is working hard.

    So one of the factors I think about is

    “Are you changing wha
    t you shouldn’t change without changing it?” 」

    I would like to think about the possibility from now on.

    ┏ the “How to Be” ┗
    ” that shou
    ld not be changed ┓┛

    What I think is the part that should not be changed.

    – My axis – wil
    l – th
    e figure to aim

    It is the one that it is possible to pass in the “how to be” such as.

    I feel that changing the way we do things according to the environ
    ment around us without changing this is the key to managem
    ent and human resource development, and this is something
    that management can say as well.

    However, I think that most of the management
    and management layer have this “how to be” part
    without any shake.

    I have my own “how to be” firmly, and face the current situation with an eye on the
    aim of the team, but if the current situation to face is out of place with the actual situation .

    As a result, it may be unavoidable that new initiatives will b
    e difficult for employees in the field to accept them.

    Well in fact

    “I don’t feel like I’m communicating well with my subordinates.”

    It does not seem to have attracted the trouble.

    ┏ ┓ the real gap from
    the grasp of the c
    urrent situation ┗ ┗ ┛

    As some of you may have already noticed, I think that it is a
    bsolutely necessary to know the true feelings of em
    ployees in order to find a way that is in li
    ne with the actual situation of the site.

    One of the reasons why I’m conducting a fact-finding survey in the
    form of an unse nameless questionnaire is

    “I can’t really tell you, honest feelings”

    I wanted to make this something that I could ea
    sily and with peace of mind.

    The results of the survey are provided in an easy-t
    o-understand manner from the perspective of man
    agement and management, so that the gap between the
    site and the site will be highlighted, and
    you will be able to find a way to lead to results.

    What we should aim
    for a
    s an organization
    : Gaps

    The true reality of the site

    If human resource development me
    asures start without the actual situation of the
    site, I think that the backlash from t
    he site may increase rapidly.

    ┏ where is the difference
    in ┓ of consciousness
    ? ┗,” he said, “I’m not a ┛

    It is about a week since the start of the “Women’s Participation and Per
    formance Promotion 2.0 Fact-finding Survey 2020″, but when you compare th
    e results of responses by gender and job title, you can see a lo
    t of feeling that the gap in consciousness stands out.

    What I was particularly concerned about at the
    moment was the gap between management and the awareness of general employees.

    In fact, there were some organizations where the words and actions that man
    agers thought were good were not taken that way by their subordinates in
    the field, and that the distance between the two was increasingly far away.

    We have customized the survey items so that ES surveys can be c
    onducted as needed, for example, from the point where man
    y of the subordinates’ responses are “received or received” desp
    ite the fact that in some organizations, the supervisor ans
    wers “no” in harassment questions. I feel like I’ve caught a gli
    mpse of the difference in consciousness between my boss a
    nd my subordinates.

    In addition, while men are relatively positive about their work,
    there are also organizations that can easily imagine that there is a
    gap in the way men and women see their work
    at a fine level because of the tendency of women to vi
    ew their work in a negative way, and we are thinking abo
    ut the measures to be taken right now and how to approach them.

    In this way, I am concerned that if we do not understa
    nd where the deviation of consciousness is taking place
    for each organization, carefully look at how to bridge the gap and aim
    for the ideal form, it will lead to a divergence of new consciousn
    ess, and further problems may build up.

    ┏ ┓ human resource developm
    ent process that comes into view by gras
    ping the actual situation ┗┛

    From personnel personnel who utilized the 2.0 fact-finding survey to pro
    mote women’s participation in the work force,

    “When you conduct a fact-finding survey, the issues become clea
    rer, so you can quickly see where to start implementing the measures.”

    You said that, and what I really want is to develop human
    resource development measures that are truly necessary by utilizing thi
    s survey, so I take it as a happy voice above all. 
    I have told you so far, it may be needless to say that the huma
    n resource development measures implemented afte
    r properly grasping the actual situation of the site will
    be very efficient and effective measures compared to those that are not.

    For example, in some IT companies where the organization’s sexuality became clear from the results
    of the 2.0 fact-finding survey on the promotion of women’s participation in the work force conducted last year,

    “The first step is to instill a vision of what the company should aim for.”

    I realized that, I started by sending messages from managemen
    t, and I started by strengthening the cohesion within the company.

    I was thinking about how to reform the organizational
    culture, but I remember how glad I was to get off to a g
    ood start by using a fact-finding survey.

    In fact, he said that he was also participating in this survey this year, and t
    hat he was looking forward to seeing how much change in employees’ consc
    iousness appeared compared to the previous year.

    In this way, we are very happy that our initiatives have been successfull
    y utilized in the development of our own human resources, and that we are using them.


    I think that there are many companies that conduct their own research, so I hope t
    hat you will analyze the results, understand the actual situ
    ation correctly, and find a “way” that can be used for efficient developmen
    t of human resources measures in the future.

    I am convinced that if employees can feel that the company is changing bec
    ause of what they can’t usually say, their confidence in the company will
    increase, their sense of contribution to the company will de
    epen at the same time, and, in turn, they will bring further corporate growth.

    ┏ the fol
    ing ┓ ┗ ┗┛

    All september start acceptance frames for the 2.0 Fact-finding Survey 2020 for promoting women’s participat
    ion in the work force have been filled.

    Since it is held until the end of October, if you wish to cond
    uct a fact-finding survey, please contact the secretariat so that we will g
    uide you to the starting frame in October.

    Promotion of Women’s Participation and Participation
    2.0 Fact-finding Survey 2020 Secretariat

    Because question items are set for ea
    ch organization, it takes about on
    e week to start the actual survey.


    To raise the team results trusted by bo
    th superiors and subordinates [ho
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    [Project-type introduction case (3-minute video interview)] Human resource development as a management strategy –
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    We’re not in the same way.

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