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Three Features of NIKKOKIZAI

Improve machining efficiency by optimal combination of machine tools and tools based on technical information

Matching the right tools and jigs is essential to maximize the machine tool’s capabilities. Utilizing our track record and the latest technical information, we can improve processing efficiency by making proposals to shorten the processing time of high-hardness materials and perform processing with high precision.

We will work together to impro
ve productivity and reduce costs through optimal proposals.

Providing tax incentive-related information from subsidies and grants that lead to funding

In recent years, while work style reforms have required productivity improvement, the importance of capital investment has been increasing, but there are many managers who are worried about investment. We provide a wide range of information on various subsidies, grants, and tax incentives that can be received after capital investment in order to make capital investments that are relevant to your future work.

Based on the knowledge and experience we have accumulated as a tool trading company
, we support technological innovation in manufacturing.

Proposal of outsourcing

We offer outsourcing proposals to customers who are receiving jobs that are difficult to cope with existing facilities, or who have jobs and have difficulty responding to deadlines. We support our customers’ work by introducing our cooperating companies through our network to customers who have difficulty responding by themselves alone.

Introducing partner companies through our network

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